Changes To Our Shrine

By the time this announcement reaches your hands, the Pieta statue should already be installed. Father Leo blessed and dedicated this image on Holy Thursday, March 28th. May this sacred image be a source of comfort in times of sorrow.


In honor of the Our Lady of Lourdes, we have commissioned a Marian Altar to be built which will be placed in the sanctuary where the tapestry of Our Lady of Guadalupe is now displayed. This altar will be adorned by a 6’ statue of Our Lady of Lourdes, hand-carved by Albuquerque artist, Tim Hooton. The wooden statue is due to be installed and dedicated on August 15th, please God. Until this date, the wooden/granite altar will be installed in the sanctuary, humbly awaiting its Queen.


The one-of-a kind tapestry of Our Lady of Guadalupe is fragile. We have discerned about where Our Lady should be placed. Because it is 100% wool, the tapestry cannot be touched, nor adorned with flowers and/or candles. So to protect it, we have decided to place this work of art high above the entrance doors alongside of the existing stained glass windows. As one departs the church into the vestibule, the tapestry will be readily seen and enjoyed. This tapestry is one of the Shrine’s jewels.