Pope Francis House Update

On June 23, 2015, the Pope Francis house site was dedicated. Archbishop Emeritus Sheehan blessed the land and led the groundbreaking. The family who will live in the house, Renee and Adelina, let the attendees know how much they look forward to living in their own home. This house has been made possible by an anonymous challenge grant of $60,000 with the following purposes stated by the donor: To honor Pope Francis for his commitment to social justice & reinvigorating the Catholic Church; To provide a unifying celebratory opportunity for both Catholic and non-Catholic volunteers to work together towards a common goal and to further Habitat’s mission of building and preserving homes.
At this time, 15 parishes, including yours, have agreed to support the project, either by accepting communications for you about the project or by contributing funds toward the building of the house. Habitat is currently seeking donations to fulfill its share of the $60,000 challenge. To date $13,500 has been raised including a generous donation from Archbishop Emeritus Sheehan.
Construction is planned to begin in September. Habitat asks for your prayers for a successful fund raising season. For more information on how to donate or to volunteer, please call Habitat at 505-265-0057 or see the Pope Francis page at www.habitatabq.org.