As you have seen by now, our new mosaic of St. Bernadette has been installed on the back wall of the Shrine – and gracefully beautifies our holy place of worship. The mosaic is made up of over 14,000 of small, different colored pieces of marble from around the world. The eight foot mosaic was created by Jewish artisans in Jerusalem.

Once it arrived here, we hired Erin Magennis and Kyle Ray of ABQ Art Glass to repair portions of the mosaic and install it on the wall. This handmade work of art is an original – the only one in the world. And is one of the rare, high quality mosaic treasures found in Albuquerque. We hope that you will grow fond of this piece – and we pray that Bernadette showers graces upon all of you each time you glance upon her.

UPCOMING ADDITION: The exquisite tapestry of Our Lady of Guadalupe will be hung on the opposite wall/confessional where the large frame awaits her.

This tapestry is now 13 years old and, again, is the only one in the world. We commissioned this piece from artisans in Poland. Also, the lighting behind the taber- nacle will soon be completed, witnessing our homage to His Eucharistic Presence here at the Shrine.

Thanks to all of our parishioners who joyously choose to support Catholic Art.