Adult Religious Classes

The following adult classes are being offered:

Intro To Scripture

  • -Starts February 15 - 5 Sessions
  • -Lead by Dr. Jasson Rodarte
  •  -This 5 session class is Archdiocesan sponsored and gives 10 hours of credit.
  •  -$5 Registration Fee. To register or for more information contact Levi Romero at 247-6830 or 304-6205

Exploring The Sunday's Readings

  • -Lead by Joanne Rupprecht
  • -Join us as we discuss and learn about the scripture readings for the following Sunday's Mass. 
  • -For more informaiton call Joanne at 323-5189

Apologetics with Tom McBride

  • -Ongoing through May 2016, 6:15-7:15pm, room B 12-14

Tom has an extensive knowledge of the Catholic Catechism and precepts of the Catholic church. This class will first focus on the Church's Sacraments and how they empower us as members of the family of God.

For more info call Tom at 505-296-3357 

Study of the Catechism with Tom McBride

  • -Ongoing through May 2016, 10:30-11:30am , room C5 
  • -Join us in exploring the beliefs of the Catholic Church as they are stated in the Catechism. Learn the important tenets of the Church, such as- Why are infants baptized? Does attending Mass wash away sin? What are plenary indulgences? Why do we pray to saints? Bring your Bible and a Catechism book.

For more info call Tom at 505-296-3357

Catholic Bible Study-Bible Timeline

  • -Ongoing through May 2016, 10am-12pm, room C4. 
  • -Covers the major events and people of the Old Testament, Book of Matthew and Acts.
  • -Discover God's plan for His people and His church, and especially His plan for you.
  • -Learn the deeper meaning to the prophecies and events of the Bible.
  • -Develop a deeper understanding of the Bible readings at Mass.

Class requires a $35 workbook. For more information call Genny 294-5839

 Catholic Bible Study- Book of Matthew

  • -Thursday's 6pm-8pm room C3 OR Sunday's 4pm-6pm in room C5
  • -Concetrates on the ministry and mission of Christ and brings the history of Christ to life.
  • -Learn how Jesus fulfills the promises and prophecies of the Old Testament.
  • -Discover in what ways Jesus is the model for us today.
  • -Learn how Jesus opened the Kingdom of God to all people.

Class uses a workbook by Jeff Cavins. For more information contact Genny 294-5839

Catholic Bible Study- Book of Acts

  • -On-going class runs through May
  • -20 weeks Created by Jeff Cavins.
  • -Thursday's 6pm-8 room C1
  • -Discover how the Holy Spirit empowers the apostles and you to carry out God's plan.

Workbooks are $28. For more information contact Genny 294-5839