The Shrine Will Soon Be Completed

The Shrine Will Soon Be Completed

Some churches and shrines take 200 years to complete. Even more. However, after 11 years we are in our final stages of "building" a beautiful church to the glory of God. 

Upon Father Leo's appointment to the Shrine, he said to me, "I am a bit surprised that a Shrine does not have more statuary." I couldn't have agreed more. 

So above each of the Stations of the Cross will hang some of the best loved saints of the Catholic Church, including those recently canonized. None of these original sculptures will be purchased from general funds. Each statue will be donated in loving memory of a beloved family member, or for prayers answered - or for any reason. The first statue, St. Joseph, was donated by Georgianna Rojas. The second, St. Kateri Tekakwitha, by Barbara Bournazos. We will list other saints being considered for inclusion so that donors might select a saint they would like to donate. Statues may also be donated by ministries or groups of individuals.

The beautiful tapestry of Our Lady of Guadalupe and the existing banner of St. Bernadette, both on the south walls of the church, are being framed in mahogany to match the moulding in the church. The frail Bernadette-hanging is being replaced with a marble mosaic of the same artwork. 

Finally, the plans for the back wall of the sanctuary is a hundred-year-old painting of a Grotto scenario from Lourdes, translated into another marble mosaic. The original theme is being copied from an antique painting housed at the Office of the Mayor at Lourdes, France. He is graciously sharing the rights to this masterpiece. If, for some unlikely reason the mosaic falls through, plan B would be to add an altar near the choir area dedicated to our patroness, Bernadette of Lourdes.

Thanks to all parishioners who plan to support the completion of the Shrine. You have always been so eager and willing to honor God by supporting the Shrine of St. Bernadette. Thank you, thank you, thank you! YOU are the Shrine - radiating light into a dark world.

 Blessings and warmth, 

Dan Paulos

To sponsor a statue please contact Dan Paulos or Jolene Dow at 505-298-7557 Ext. 203 Email Us