A Request from the Archbishop and the New Shrine Statuary

A Request from the Archbishop and the New Shrine Statuary

The last time the Archbishop visited the Shrine, he was deeply moved by our new Stations of the Cross near the Adoration Chapel. So moved that he mentioned that he had come-up with a single word to reflect the fourteen scene of Christ’s Passion, which he carefully placed under each Station in his own private chapel. He asked if I’d consider taking his fourteen words and place them under our own Stations. This request will be a privilege to accomplish. Just to think that Archbishop Sheehan took the time to suggest this addition to the Shrine should mean a great deal to all of us. He is very proud of our faith community. And the Shrine.



The beautiful hand-sculpted statues which will soon begin to adorn the walls of the Shrine are three feet tall and hand painted in the traditional colors attributed to each saint. We are the only “appointed” shrine in the Archdiocese of Santa Fe which has been graced to offer a Plenary Indulgence after each visit (There is a bronze plaque in the Shrine area which describes this blessing). All the statues and final touch-ups are being funded through generous parishioners who obviously love sacred art. This Shrine belongs to God. And is being blessed daily by miraculous graces sent by Him, Our Lady and Bernadette. For those of you who do not read our Guest Book at the entrance doors, I am happy to share with you that people travel from all over the country to visit this special place. We have received hundreds of people from as far away as China, Poland, Sweden - and all across Europe. Some of the messages left by these pilgrims are heart warming and spiritually humbling. These pilgrims feel the holiness of our parish church. More times than I can count, they have left the simple message, “I have been healed!” and “Miracles happen here.”



With the help of parishioner, (architect) Scott Stafford and contractor Peter Fritz, we are working on the Stations’ framing, “wording” given by the Archbishop, and the wall pedestals which will display the contemporary statues and the names of each saint.



The tabernacle will, after many years, be completed with new rays, a beautiful wooden enclosure (the same design as the tabernacle) and new radiating lights which will enhance the beauty of the reredos.



Because each of the original statues are being sculpted exclusively for the Shrine, the cost is high. I am praying and prodding some of our ministries to take the challenge to sponsoring a statue in the ministry’s name. Several individuals have asked to sponsor a statue in memory of loved ones. There are so many ways in which we can complete this artistic mission. I am presently writing grants to support some of the art. Each statue costs $5,500.00. We could have ordered the same statues from Italy at the same price, but they would be the same figures shown in churches across the world. I truly believe that the uniqueness of our saints will bring even more pilgrims to pray before these beautiful images of the Church’s approved saints.



I most heartily thank you, the exceptional parishioners of this beautiful Shrine, for always supporting the sacred additions being displayed for the beautification of God’s Home. And to Father Leo who has placed so much trust in me. He knows of my love for the Shrine, for our beauteous Catholic traditions, and for our sainted Bernadette – the woman who works overtime to protect us. Blessings!!!! Dan Paulos


To sponsor a statue, please contact Dan Paulos or Jolene Dow at 505-298-7557 Ext. 203 or Email Us