The Shrine Chapel - And Art, from Dan Paulos

Some parishioners have expressed concerns over the new Adoration Chapel. We can’t even begin to realize the blessings which will flow from this 24 hour Chapel. God will bless this parish abundantly!

I would like to state it again: the chapel was built out of love for the Blessed Sacrament – and from donations from those people who are eagerly awaiting its dedication and use. No portion of the chapel was paid through parish funds. Donors generously paid for all expenses.

Some parishioners also expressed concern about our plans to complete the stained glass windows in the vestibule (the four doors on Indian School Road and the small window near the restrooms). We’ve waited ten years to complete these works of art. And it is important to finish this project. Once again, all windows in the vestibule were paid for with a $10,000.00 gift from the Stella Madrid Family and a $20,000.00 gift from Barbara Bournazos.

We are now being given memorial donations toward the stained glass project – which hopefully will include the two large windows in the vestibule of the Multi-Purpose Building. Again, these colorful gems will complete our already beautiful church – and I hope that all of you will appreciate the fact that everything we do in and for the Shrine is for the glory of Almighty God. He deserves our gratitude, our love, our respect.

The Shrine boasts some of the most beautiful sacred art in the archdiocese. Yes, the glory goes to God – but we have the privilege and a responsibility to enjoy it - and to be inspired by it during our time on earth. Thanks to all parishioners, benefactors and pilgrims who help support our humble, but reverent Shrine. We are so thankful to and for you! Blessings!


Father Leo's Comments:

I am extremely proud (properly speaking!) about our Shrine and all the things we have here in honor of our Blessed Mother, St. Bernadette, and the truly reverent and beautiful ways we express our love for them and our Lord and Savior. This is, in part, what “being Church” is about. In recent years, there has been movements to limit or “dumb down” the beauty of our Faith. It has resulted in churches that are more Protestant in structure and atmosphere - an atmosphere that is harsh and un-beautiful. One of the things I learned in seminary is that an attribute of God is “Beauty.” All of these things are to help us worship. To help us be lifted up to the heavens and away from “earthly” things.