Pieta Bronze Statue by Gib Singleton

The fifteen life-size Stations of the Cross at the garden of the Cathedral-Basilica of Santa Fe were sculpted by Gib Singleton and loaned by a generous, anonymous American donor.

Gib is one of the artists invited by the Vatican to repair Michelangelo’s marble Pieta after it had been brutally attacked in 1972. He also is the artist who sculpted the Pope’s crosier which appears in so many photographs of Popes John Paul II, Benedict XVI, and Francis I.

Gib’s art is extremely contemporary and hauntingly powerful.

The same donor who owns many works by Gib, has asked us to work with the Rector and the Bishop of Lourdes, France in placing a bronze Pieta at the French Shrine.

In gratitude, the Galerie Zuger of Santa Fe has offered, in the name of the donor, to loan our own Shrine a bronze statue of the Pieta for our front lawn on Indian School Road. Gib’s work of art will bring many new and curious visitors to the Shrine.

We do not have a date of delivery yet – but we’ll keep you posted! God keeps sending us so many blessings! Praise Him!