Reminders for Mass

We are called to show God love and respect as we enter His house. We are also called to love and respect the people who worship Him.

Let us be courteous to one another as we remember to do the following at Mass:

Dress appropriately: The Mass is Holy, so please observe modesty and good judgment in your choice of clothing. Dresses, skirts and dress shorts should be near the knee. Low necklines, bare shoulders, bare midriffs, tank tops and muscle shirts are not appropriate.

Silence or turn off your cell phones. Please do not text or answer calls during Mass.

Observe the Eucharistic Fast: That means no food, candy, gum or drink for one (1) hour prior to receiving Communion. Please dispose of all candy, gum, food and beverages prior to entering the church.

Enter quietly: Respect must be shown for Christ, whose Eucharistic presence is among us. Remember to be especially quiet and reverent during the consecration and elevation of the Blessed Sacrament.

Be on time for Mass: If you are late, please allow the Ministers of Hospitality to seat you at an appropriate time during Mass in the pews reserved for late-comers in the back of the church.